Date: April 2nd 2015

The Wrecking Crew

As many of you know, its been a crazy, crazy 6 weeks for myself and my family. The film was released on March 13th. Seven years and 2 days since its premiere in SXSW. I have been doing as much press as possible so that there is no stone unturned. Smallest to the biggest. Interviews on television shows like Anthony Mason's CBS Morning News to Steve Edwards Good Day LA to Radio on Sirius with Cousin Brucie and Ron Bennington and Stevie Van Zandt.

The reviews are amazing. We were expected to be released in only 5 theaters and now we are booked in over 100. We were # 1 in ITUNES Doc rentals for two weeks. I couldn't wish for anything better.

Magnolia has done a wonderful job promoting the film and have given me the opportunity to put as many out takes on the DVD as possible. The success of the theatrical run has allowed us to put together these out takes.

I have 2 days to deliver the out takes. As you can imagine, We're trying to do our best to get it together.

This is where I need your help. We need to make sure we have your name and mailing address correct for when the DVDs are sent out. Please reply to this email by Friday April 3rd with your name, current address, and pledge amount. If you've supplied us your new address before, please send it to us again to this email address:

I've attached our list from our database. Please open attachment with Adobe Reader, then find the "Edit" tab in the menu bar at the top of the page and click.  Scroll down to "Find" tab and click.  This will take you to the "find" search bar where you can type in your name and press enter.   If it locates your name in the document it will be highlighted and we are good no need to reply to this email, if you can't find your name then please reply with your name as you wish it to be on the DVD.

Thanks again for all the years of support. We are only here because of your help. We will send you the DVDs as soon as they arrive to us from Magnolia in mid-June.

Please keep telling others about the film and these musicians.

Thank You,

With the film being released, we are also thrilled to say that the Sound Track is being produced as well with the help of Richard Foos and Friends. Here is a link to the 4 CD & LP compilation. You can also order the 12X12" coffee table book called "Sound Explosion; Inside LA Studio Factory with the Wrecking Crew", written by Ken Sharp

Here are a few of the reviews.

If the history of rock music means anything to you, you know the individuals in question could only be the Wrecking Crew, a legendary group of Los Angeles-based studio musicians, and though their story has taken decades to reach the screen, it has been worth the wait.- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"A sing-along, joyful doc. A must to see and listen to." - Indiewire

"A treasure trove of witness-at-creation anecdotes and enduringly potent '60s pop classics. A well-nigh irresistible treat for aficionados of music." - Joe Leydon, Variety

"THIS CAPTIVATING CINEMATIC CHRONICLE OF ONE OF THE RICHEST ERAS IN RECENT AMERICAN MUSIC HISTORY DELIGHTS FROM START TO FINISH. Equally impressive, it is so entertaining and enjoyable that, perhaps, only in hindsight will viewers fully appreciate how enlightening a viewing experience it is. - George Varga, San Diego Union-Tribune

Coming to a Theater near you

Opening Date City State Theater
04/02/2015BoulderCO Boedecker Theater
04/02/2015 AlbanyNY Spectrum 8
04/02/2015BellevilleONThe Empire
04/03/2015ChicoCAPageant Theatre
04/03/2015LancasterCALancaster Blvd Cinemas 3
04/03/2015Palm DesertCACinemas Palme D'Or 7
04/03/2015 Santa CruzCA Nickelodeon Theatres
04/03/2015SebastopolCARialto Cinemas 9
04/03/2015Sag HarborNYSag Harbor Cinemas
04/03/2015MontrealQCCinema du Parc
04/03/2015NashvilleTNBelcourt Theatre
04/03/2015HoustonTXSundance Cinemas Houston
04/03/2015NorfolkVANaro Expanded Cinema
04/03/2015BellinghamWAPFC's Limelight Cinema 3
04/03/2015Port TownsendWARose Twin
04/03/2015SpokaneWAMagic Lantern Theatre
04/05/2015TorontoONBloor Hot Docs Cinema
04/07/2015Lake ParkFLMos' Art Theatre
04/08/2015OurayCOWright Opera House
04/08/2015Baton RougeLAManship Theatre
04/08/2015Las CrucesNMAllen Cineport 10
04/08/2015HamiltonNYHamilton Movie Theatre
04/09/2015WichitaKSOrpheum Theater
04/09/2015HudsonNYTime and Space Limited
04/10/2015HartfordCTReal Art Ways Cinema
04/10/2015ChicagoILLandmark's Century Centre Cinema
04/10/2015Fort WorthTXModern Art Museum of Fort Worth
04/12/2015TaosNMTaos Community Auditorium
04/13/2015BethlehemPAArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks
04/14/2015BrunswickMEFrontier Cafe
04/14/2015SpringfieldMOMoxie Cinema 2
04/17/2015VictoriaBCThe Vic
04/17/2015ShreveportLARobinson Film Center 2
04/17/2015TulsaOKCircle Cinema
04/18/2015DurangoCOGaslight Twin
04/18/2015FredoniaNYFredonia Opera House
04/19/2015WarwickBMBermuda Weekend Film Series
04/20/2015LafayetteLAAcadiana Center for the Arts
04/22/2015NashvilleTNBelcourt Theatre
04/23/2015MadisonGARetro Cinema & Books
04/23/2015BozemanMTBozeman Film Society
04/23/2015MemphisTNMemphis Brooks Museum of Art
04/25/2015Notre DameINDeBartolo Performing Arts Center/Browning Cin
05/06/2015BethelCTBethel Cinema 4
05/08/2015FresnoCAFresno Filmworks c/o Tower Theatre
05/08/2015TallahasseeFLTallahassee Film Society / All Saints Cinema
05/08/2015PortlandMEPortland Museum of Art
05/08/2015GreensboroNCGeeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema
05/10/2015Nevada CityCANevada Theatre
05/12/2015FlorenceORCity Lights Cinemas
06/15/2015BarrieONTIFF Film Circuit
09/30/2015LovelandCORialto Theater

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